[Bows] - Second Archerversary - My journey (so far) (1/2)

It's been two years since Stephanie and I started our first lessons into Archery. A lot has happened in two years, and I would like to think it's changed me for the better.

(this was meant to be posted in May, so i posted this first half just because, more to come.. eventually)

On becoming an Archer.
It was a warm day in the Spring of 2016, Stephanie and I got into the Car, headed off to our first archery lesson at OCCS, The Ontario Centre for Classical Sports. There we met our First Coaches, Dave and Scott. This wasn't the first time I shot a bow, but it is the day I became an Archer.  For many years, and several trips just for fun shooting back home in Calgary, I wanted to be an Archer, I wanted to buy a bow, string it up, fill a quiver with arrows and shoot them. Archery is a sport about personal discovery and perfection. A perfect balance between physical training, mental focus, and inner calm. One rule I had set for myself, I needed to take lessons before I could buy a…

[Bosses] - Dragon Quest 8 (3DS)

Recently, I started playing Dragon Quest 8 Journey of the Cursed King on the 3DS. It was an impulse purchase before Stephanie and I headed off to see family in Calgary. And i must say, it was very worthwhile.

DQ8 is a pretty typically JRPG, but the 3DS version brings in some nice features. Random encounters were switched out for monsters appearing in the over-world map, so you can avoid much of them. So far the story has been good, and the voice acting is decent for the most part.

While the 3DS isn't very comfortable for larger hands like mine, I started to get used to using it after a few hours. and the hand cramps did start to subside.

I am looking forward to playing more over the next few weeks/months, maybe i'll even finish it, but who knows.

[Bows] Breaking past 500!

Since I started shooting somewhat regularly and participating in Archery Tournaments, I have been working towards the goal of shooting 500/600 indoors. In Jan/Feb 2017, I saw a large downturn in my scores, right as I was approaching 500, with scores in the 490's I thought that it would come quickly, but alas just missing it started to become a definition of my archery Career.

This 2017-2018 indoor season started off with Promise, where I shot a 499 fairly early in the season and saw several high 400 and 490 scores. But then a strange thing happened, My scores dropped, and dropped hard. I had gotten so much better over last year, yet still, My scores seems to stagnate and become much worse, dropping into the low 400's. Even shooting a mid 300 score on a 3 spot target just a couple weeks ago.

That low score made me realize something though, I had been focusing way to much on the scores I was shooting. I wasn't focusing on the process that got me those scores, I'd make an…